• Optical processes in semiconductors and semiconductor heterostructures of reduced dimensionality
      • exciton-photon interaction and band structure (ellipsometry)
      • electro-optical effects (modulation spectroscopy)
      • phonon-plasmon coupling and many body effects (infrared spectroscopy)
      • nonlinear opticsNew materials for electronics, opto-electronics, and sensors

  • Nitride based semiconductors
    • nitride-based semiconductors (from infrared to the far ultraviolet wavelengths)
    • semiconducting metal-oxides
    • chalcopyrites for photovoltaics and nonlinear optics


  • Development and implementation of high resolution methods for the optical spectroscopy by usage of synchrotron radiation (e.g. at the electron storage ring BESSY II, Berlin)


  • Surface analysis of solids by Electron Spectroscopy (XPS, UPS, AES), evaluation of photo electron and valence band spectra


  • Recrystallization and grain growth in polycrystals, nanocrystalline grain growth, Ostwald ripening, grain evolution and coarsening in solid phase systems (metals, semiconductors)


  • Interaction and drift-diffusion of point defects at structural defects like dislocations and cracks, and their influence on mechanical strength and decohesion


  • Characterization and coarsening kinetics of fractal phase boundaries and interfaces in metallic alloys


  • Interaction between atoms, density functional theory (DFT) and electronic structure of interfaces, many body electron theory of exchange and correlation interaction in inhomogeneous electron gases


  • Numerical simulation and analysis of two- and three-dimensional, mono- and polydisperse packings

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